Call for Data

Call for Data

Steve Russell (Midland Heart) and I (Andrew Callaghan, Knightstone) would like to invite fellow party goers to send us some data.

Our session is all about the use of data and the tools available to visualise it. Rather than coming with examples from our own work, we would like to visualise data from others attending the event.

So if you have some data or information which you would like to see turned into a map or a report made into an infographic, then please get in touch through Twitter @ACallBris or use contact form below .

You may also have noticed a question in the last survey sent out by House Party asking for permission to use your registration details as part of our session. Hopefully you all said “yes”!! We are hoping to find a story within that data, visualise it and then share with everyone who comes to our session at House Party.

Please be assured that any data or information sent will be used only for the purpose of this session at House Party and disposed of afterwards. If sending data to me, please also ensure you are not sending any information that would breach Data Protection. Any visualisations will reference the sender and be aggregated where appropriate.

Look forward to receiving your data and presenting back to you in just under three weeks at House Party!!

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Why I’ll be at House Party 2014

House Party offers an alternative to the standard conference circuit and every housing innovator should attend.

Very much like Open Data and Open Source software have become the norm, it’s time that collaboration and innovation becomes Open too. To be Open, requires it to be free and have the input from everyone who attends. House Party will be the first event run for housing professionals which will run on a pay what you can basis. The first conference where the content is created by the delegates for the delegates. House Party will provide a platform for all the amazing talent within Housing who don’t fit the sector’s typical conference delegate profile.

Innovation can be the big ideas that you think could revolutionise the sector or sharing what you do with likeminded people around one of the sofa sessions. Maybe you are beginning or working on a project and want to create a network to co-collaborate on the approach and practice. Take the opportunity to contact House Party, tell them all about it and they will help organise and promote a session at the Party.

You know that really cool new tool or product that you think would be great for your organisation but there is no way senior managers would consider it. What if we all developed the thinking around these ideas and products at the Party, culminating in the publishing of The Future of Housing according to the House Party.

“It’s not for me” you say, “managers go to that kind of thing”. Normally, I would agree with the above statement but that’s where House Party rips up the rules. Pay what you can, means if you can’t afford to pay then don’t pay. With some conferences costing up to £350 a day, it goes some way to explaining why our organisations are not offering us all the opportunity to attend. All you need is a way to Manchester and a manager willing to give you the time to attend.

Some of the best ideas and biggest breakthroughs in my own role have come from attending events and conferences. The top tip from one of the speakers or the web link to the free tool they use.

Ever wish there were more people who did what you do in your own organisation so you could share and collaborate with them? House Party offers the chance to meet those people and others you may never have encountered at a traditional conference. House Party plans to have not just Housing folk but a diverse set of people who share a passion for social change and innovation.

In order for me to learn, be inspired, develop my ideas and create the networks to make those ideas a reality, requires House Party to be heaving.

To attend House Party or for more information visit for more info.

To book your ticket go to:

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